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New Job, New Domain!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, but there have been some changes happening here on TeachBytes as well as in my life: I am starting a new job as a part-time teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools on Monday! I will be teaching technology to 10th graders until the end of the school … Continue reading

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A while ago I posted about Information is Beautiful‘s visualizations, designed and created by David Candless. Visualizations and infographics have quickly become immensely popular online, being used in newspapers, journals, magazines, and blogs across the internet. Recently, many instructors have begun using infographics in the classroom as a way to visually represent statistics and data to … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing 101

What is Cloud Computing? There are many technological, lengthy, and complicated definitions for cloud computing that talk about the implementation of networks or wireless information access. For me, cloud computing can be summarized much more simply: sharing information online rather than tying down information to specific hardware (computers, laptops, smartphones, etc). In the process of … Continue reading

10 Ways to Use Pinterest in the Classroom
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10 Ways to Use Pinterest in the Classroom

Due to the popularity of my post Pinterest – Turning Procrastination into Classroom Preparation, I’ve decided to follow up with ways to use Pinterest with students. When using Pinterest, keep in mind that not all pins are safe and secure, and monitoring will be necessary to ensure students don’t stumble upon inappropriate content. Nonetheless, Pinterest provides … Continue reading