11/5/2022: Outrageous weekend warmth

The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from meteorologist Matt Mackie:

Temperatures soar to historic levels this weekend thanks to strong winds out of the south & southwest. At times this afternoon, we could see gusts topping 30 miles per hour!

Temps are already starting off warm, with Albany’s morning low at 61 degrees. That should break the record for the highest minimum temperature on this date, previously 58 degrees. We also expect to break the record for afternoon high temperature, with our forecast of 78 comfortably beating out the old record of 75. Expect a mix of sun and clouds and an all-around balmy feel out there.

With clouds around and a steady wind out of the south, temperatures really struggle to drop this evening – only down to the mid 60’s by Sunday morning! We’ll also have to set the clocks back an hour overnight. The extra hour of sleep is always welcome, but the 4:41 PM sunset may take some getting used to…

Sunday could be another historically warm day, with highs up into the mid 70’s. Even with clouds and a few showers around, blustery conditions with more south winds propel the temperatures all the way up there. As it stands, the current record high is 73 degrees – we’re forecasting 74.

Monday is still warm, but not necessarily record setting, with highs right around 70. We still expect breezy conditions, but perhaps not quite as windy as the weekend.

We finally trend cooler by Tuesday, with Election Day high temperatures back down to the 50’s. Wednesday features an especially cold start, before temperature gradually rebound to the 60’s by the end of the week. Veterans Day looks mild, but with more clouds and the chance for a few showers.