While perusing the internet for the ever-growing list of Web 2.0 tools, I came upon TodaysMeet, a free web-based tool that allows users to communicate in a chat room setting. It is a micro-blogging backchannel that allows discussions to flourish in a collaborative online space without interrupting ongoing activities or the need of raised hands or turn taking.


    • Time manageable – chat rooms are open for a set period of time, decided at the time of creation; allows for limited access, as well as privacy and security (room is deleted after assigned time)
    • Easy access – free; open to anyone with internet access; no username/password signup required for participation; users can be anonymous or use aliases
    • Privacy – sessions are only accessible by users who have the URL
    • Easy to use – simple interface and one-step process to creation of chat room
    • Social media appeal – responses are given in real-time, with 140 character limitations (similar to Twitter)


    • Requires internet access and laptops/smartphones for all users
    • Because of social media outlook, might be blocked in certain districts
    • Backchannels, if not monitored, can lead to deviation from main channel

Overall, as you can see, there are a lot of pros to using TodaysMeet! I think its best feature, though, is how simple and easy to use it is. You can literally have it up and running in less than minute (which means almost NO PREP! We all know how valuable that is…!). In case you do encounter a problem in setup, however, here’s a video that walks you through the basics:

What would this look like in a classroom? Here are a few ways to put TodaysMeet to work in your class:

  • Students feedback during lectures (the instructor can tailor the lecture based on the comments he/she sees in TodaysMeet chat)
  • Student discussions across classrooms, cities, states, and countries
  • Student collaborative note-taking during lectures
  • Question and answer format discussion with the instructor
  • Role-playing historical/literary figures

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