SurveyMonkey is the a survey creation and administration tool that I’ve used for both my own class projects and with students. It seems to be one of the more common survey web tools, but in case you haven’t used it, I thought I’d share! You can use the tool to design surveys, collect responses, and even analyze the results.

SurveyMonkey is especially great because you can use one of their many pre-constructed surveys and just tweak it for your classroom. SurveyMonkey also allows you to customize the survey by changing the color scheme, putting in your school logo, or changing the language (great for ESL classrooms!). Users can choose from 15 different question types, which you can see in the screenshot below:

SurveyMonkey offers four payment plans:

  • Basic: Free
  • Select: $17/month (billed $204 annually)
  • Gold: $25/month (billed $300 annually)
  • Platinum: $65/month (billed $780 annually)

Each plan offers various levels of features such as amount of questions per survey, responses per survey, phone support, results reporting format, etc. Assuming most of you are interested in the free plan, I’ll fill you in on what that one contains: unlimited number of surveys, 10 questions each, 100 responses per survey.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to use SurveyMonkey, check out their user manual, it is a thorough explanatory guide to almost any question you might have. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help you out the best I can!

How can I use SurveyMonkey in my classroom?

  1. Pre-assess student knowledge on a unit
  2. Learn student interests
  3. Create end of the year course evaluations
  4. Practice test taking skills
  5. Check for understanding after complex lessons
  6. Have students create surveys to conduct research
  7. Have students design assessments for classmates
  8. Collect parent information (email parents or set up survey station on Back to School Night)
  9. Collect student data anonymously (ex: bullying or cheating surveys)
  10. Use in ESL/Foreign Language classrooms (either keep the survey in English or switch it to a different language like Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic).

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