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Visuwords – Online Graphical Dictionary and Thesaurus

Visuwords™ allows students to look up words to find their meanings and associations as related to one another, focusing on how words are related to each other using a mind map visual. Visuwords uses Princeton University’s open source word database, WordNet, as the source for its connections, associations and definitions. Best of all, Visuwords is free … Continue reading

Free App of the Week: Adventures of Hana & Cory!
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Free App of the Week: Adventures of Hana & Cory!

Let’s begin this week’s free apps update with Mermaid Waters: Adventures of Hana & Cory! This free application is targeted towards pre-schoolers, and uses the appeals of underwater adventure to help them practice basic math skills such as number recognition, counting, ordering sizes and basic addition. The game unfolds in a story mode, with narration and more … Continue reading


LOL of the Week

Cartoons make me laugh, and I love using them in the classroom. Recently I’ve been laughing out loud at some of the technology related education cartoons I’ve been seeing online, so I thought I’d share some of them with you on a weekly basis! Here’s one I found that’s especially applicable with my attempts at … Continue reading