Icebreaker Activity – Graffiti

We all know and often roll our eyes when someone tries to get us to participate in an icebreaker, so break from the norm and try something a little more exciting than Two Truths and a Lie.

Recently, I was watching a trailer for Exit Through The Gift Shop, a film about Banksy, a world famous graffiti artists known for provocative works such as the one below:

After looking at some of his art work, I came up with the idea of having students create Graffiti (online, legally, of course!) as a way to express themselves and introduce themselves to one another. The Graffiti Creator is a great tool that allows students to do just that, allowing students to edit a word or phrase by font, color, size and shape. Have students write their names, or a meaningful phrase and then watch as they create artwork of their very own!

6 thoughts on “Icebreaker Activity – Graffiti

  1. Meh…. there is no way to save the “art” once the student creates it. They can’t download or link to it. So what’s the point?

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