Recently, when critiquing my own resume, I found myself wishing for input from others. While I usually pass mine around to friends and family, I wanted an unbiased opinion about the size of my font, the way my resume is structured, and how to feature my best internships. Enter Razumé: the one-stop solution, and a great tool to share with your students as they build their own resumes.

Check out a full explanation of the features of Razumé in the video below:

As the video explains, Razumé is a free, online guide to maneuvering the job search process, especially by helping you create stellar resumes. Their resume review community is dedicated to critiquing resumes and providing feedback for success, and their resume builder has a lot of functional and creative features. Check out their library of thousands of sample resumes here for examples of what you can do on Razumé.

I hope Razumé comes in handy in your own job search process, and if you have any questions about the process of using the website, check out their FAQ.


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