The Child-Driven Education

I wanted to share this TED talk, by Sugata Mitra, an Indian educational scientist. He focuses on the problem that the best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most. In the video, Mitra discusses a series of experiments he conducted across the globe, where he gave kids self-supervised access to the web and computers. … Continue reading The Child-Driven Education


Diffen: Compare and Contrast Online Tool

Diffen is a free collection of comparisons that people all over the world help write and maintain, similar to how people write and maintain wikis. First, you enter two items or objects into the search bars: Based on information on Wikipedia, Diffen takes those two objects and pops out a comparison of the two in … Continue reading Diffen: Compare and Contrast Online Tool

Upcoming Conference: ISTE San Diego 2012

Happy new year readers! I wanted to begin this year of posting by telling you about a educational technology conference coming up this summer in San Diego. ISTE, or the International Society for Technology in Education, is a premier organization for educators who use technology in their classrooms. Hosting over 100,000 educators and leaders, ISTE is a … Continue reading Upcoming Conference: ISTE San Diego 2012