Happy Leap Day!

Happy birthday leaplings! Thanks to Danny Nicholson's blog, I came across this fabulous stop-motion video explaining the leap year phenomenon. With some simple animations and complex math, the video provides a great summary on the history of calendars, the rotation of the earth, and how leap years came about.


5 Online Comic Creators

For many students, comics can be a less intimidating and more enjoyable reading experience. Allowing students to create their own comics gives them an opportunity to express themselves creatively and artistically while still engaging with plot, reading, and storytelling concepts. Thanks to online tools, comic creation is easier than ever and there are many sites available … Continue reading 5 Online Comic Creators

LOL of the Week

For those of who you are new to the blog, LOL of the week stands for: Laugh Out Loud, Laugh OnLine. A cheesy, cheesy attempt at infusing some humor into the blog, every now and then I try to find funny educational technology related cartoons to share. These are great for your own personal enjoyment, and … Continue reading LOL of the Week

National Financial Capability Challenge

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Education, the National Financial Capability Challenge runs from March 12 through April 13, 2012. The Challenge is essentially an online test for high school students to check their knowledge of earning, spending, saving, borrowing, risk protection, and more. All high school educators are … Continue reading National Financial Capability Challenge