Pinterest has now become my full-time job. For hours at a time I will browse the pins of other procrastinators and marvel at the colors, design, and fashion images. In fact, a friend of mine recently told me that if I could get paid for pinning, I’d be a millionaire.

Unfamiliar with Pinterest? Check out this great introductory video by Braid Creative:

While my own Pinterest account is full of fanciful boards that have nothing to do with my career aspirations, I’m beginning to notice many educators on the site. Along with boards housing home decoration ideas and new recipes, they have begun to put together a visual resource of teacher ideas for their classrooms, their students, and their peers. Here are some example Pinterest boards that focus on the classroom:

As you can see, teacher’s across the nation are beginning to use Pinterest to organize and develop their own personal library of resources, inspiration ideas, and classroom to-do lists. How can you use Pinterest in your classroom? It’s easy! Get an account, and start pinning! And if you are at a loss for what kinds of boards to start with, check out some of the ideas below:

  • Classroom decor
  • Lesson plan ideas
  • Craft activity ideas
  • Classroom snack ideas
  • Teacher blogs
  • Website resources

Happy pinning, all!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest – Turning Procrastination into Classroom Preparation

  1. Thanks for sharing! I, too, use Pinterest for school ideas–and I just “followed” all those that you mentioned! Thanks, ELFamily Academy

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