For one of my graduate classes at Hopkins, I recently had to find and explore a web 2.0 tool that I was completely unfamiliar with. I ended up choosing Dabbleboard, an online, collaborative whiteboard application.

Similar to some of the whiteboard applications you can find within online learning platforms, Dabbleboard allows you to write text, draw objects, and make flowcharts and other graphical representations easily. The best part is that to begin using the whiteboard software, there is no signup or login process required! That means no pesky forms or emails – you can jump right in and open a new whiteboard immediately.

If you want to download your whiteboards, however, you do need to create a free account.  The free account has some minor limitations, such as a lack of design customization, but does not have any major drawbacks when compared with the pro account. The simplicity of the free account and the lack of signup to access a whiteboard make it a great tool for student usage in classrooms.

For a more in depth introduction to Dabbleboard, take a look at the video below:

The simplicity and real-time feature of Dabbleboard makes it a great tool for educational collaboration. Teachers can use this tool in their classrooms to foster student collaboration and creativity on projects, class discussions, and small group activities. Since the links are accessible online, students can continue to edit and collaborate outside of classroom. Dabbleboard would also work great as a brainstorming forum for both students and teachers. The whiteboard capacity could also allow for some creative and detailed mind maps that could easily be stored, downloaded, and inserted into projects, lesson plans, or worksheets. Dabbleboard would also be a great supplemental tool to online professional development, where teachers could communicate and construct knowledge socially in real-time or at their own pace.


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