In the third grade I was lucky enough to spend an hour in the computer lab each work working on typing skills with my classmates. Although at the time retyping “ASDF, JKL;” over and over was tedious and boring, I am now eternally grateful for having been required to learn how to type.

Increasingly when I work in classrooms I notice that students (and sometimes teachers) are lacking basic typing skills. Many of them type slowly, inaccurately, or using only two fingers in a “chicken peck” kind of typing. Luckily, there are a lot of great free online resources to practice typing:

  1. Typing Adventure – a great game for younger students that asks students to type their way to treasure
  2. GoodTyping – requires registration of a free account but provides you with 27 guided lessons from beginning to advanced
  3. TyperShark – (one of my favorites growing up!) players have to type the words on sharks and piranhas before they reach the scuba diver, and get instant feedback on their speed and accuracy
  4. – this website has a number of good typing games for students to explore
  5. Keybr – offers free typing lessons, typing practice, and detailed reports on speed and accuracy

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