5 Online Comic Creators

For many students, comics can be a less intimidating and more enjoyable reading experience. Allowing students to create their own comics gives them an opportunity to express themselves creatively and artistically while still engaging with plot, reading, and storytelling concepts. Thanks to online tools, comic creation is easier than ever and there are many sites available for creating comic strips.

Here are five free comic creation websites to get you started:

Pixton is a free drag-and-drop comic creation tool. Artistic talent is not needed with this tool, and customization of graphics and text is easy. The free individual accounts are easy to set up, and Pixton also offers paid teacher accounts that allow for easy grading and student privacy. This intro video by the creators of Pixton offers a good preview of the tool.

StripGenerator allows users to create black-and-white comic strips by simply choosing the number of frames, and then dragging objects, text and characters into the frames. Once created, comics can be printed, saved, or downloaded with ease. Check out this tutorial video from the creators of StripGenerator for more information on getting started with the tool.


ToonDoo is another drag-and-drop comic creator. ToonDoo allows users to choose between a free individual account or a paid account that is more built for schools, classrooms, and communities. Comics can be customized with backgrounds, characters, texts and word bubbles, and then finalized for download or embedding in a website or blog. ToonDoo has created a helpful wiki all about their tool which houses great FAQ information.

WittyComics is a very simplistic three-panel comic creator. With limited background and character customization options, the majority of the creative process occurs with developing text and conversation in this tool.


Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Comic Creator allows users to create comic strips and full-length comic books using popular Marvel characters such as the Hulk, Ironman, and Hawkeye. Users can customize the background, characters, objects, sound effects and dialogue from a drop-down menu with options to rotate and scale all customizations. The comic tool works in a drag-and-drop format, and finished comics can be downloaded or printed.

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