LOL of the Week

Today marks the official completion of my first week of teaching in Baltimore City Public Schools! Hurrah, I made it! Let's celebrate with an amusing cartoon that mentions my own homeland, India:


Building Bridges All Day Long!

Today marks my first day at the new job, teaching technology to tenth graders in Baltimore City Public Schools. I have three class periods in the morning, and am done for the day by noon, which gives me plenty of time for graduate schoolwork and writing to you! In class this week, we are finishing … Continue reading Building Bridges All Day Long!

PollEverywhere and 5 Classroom Uses

PollEverywhere is a web 2.0 tool that utilizes SMS text messaging to collect and track responses. It is a wonderful way to incorporate cell phones in the classroom for learning, rather than battling against them! Students can use any device that is text capable to respond to PollEverywhere. Polls can be multiple choice, or open … Continue reading PollEverywhere and 5 Classroom Uses

A while ago I posted about Information is Beautiful's visualizations,┬ádesigned and created by David Candless. Visualizations and infographics have quickly become immensely popular online, being used in newspapers, journals, magazines, and blogs across the internet. Recently, many instructors have begun using infographics in the classroom as a way to visually represent statistics and data to … Continue reading