Privacy Playground is an online game about cyber safety designed for students ages 8-10. In the game the main characters, three CyberPigs, play online and encounter various marketing tactics and spam traps. The game uses a science-fiction appeal with multiple choice questions and mini-activities to educate students on the kinds of marketing strategies used online.

The goal of the game is best outlined in the accompanying Teacher Manual, which houses handouts, additional information and resources, and guidelines for play. Essentially, through the course of this game, students will begin to develop an understanding of:

  • the methods used by marketers to elicit personal information from children on the Internet
  • the strategies marketers use to engage children online
  • the fact that online acquaintances may not be who they say they are
  • the commercial nature of the Internet
  • the Internet’s unique capacity to mine data and track individual users
  • the need to protect personal privacy on the Internet, both from a marketing and a safety perspective
  • the importance of surfing the Internet in a safe and appropriate manner

Here are some screenshots of the game to get a better idea of how it works:


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