Here are 15 amazing TED Talks geared towards education and educators. From educational policy to the future of school lunch nutrition, if you need some inspiration look no further. These videos are a great way to gain some insight on today’s educational practices and the future of education. These are only a few of the amazing collection of videos housed at TED, so be sure to head over to their website and check out some of the others.
  1. Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity
  2. Michelle Obama’s Plea for Education
  3. Patrick Awuah on Educating Leaders
  4. Dan Meyer: Math Class Needs A Makeover
  5. Ann Cooper on School Lunches
  6. Dan Egger’s Wish: Once Upon A School
  7. Sugata Mitra on How Kids Teach Themselves
  8. Mae Jemison: Teaching Arts and Sciences Together
  9. Richard Barniuk on Open Source Learning
  10. John Hunter: World Peace Game
  11. Diana Laufenberg: How to Learn? From Mistakes
  12. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching Kids Real Math With Computers
  13. Emily Pilloton: Teaching Design for Change
  14. Shukla Bose: Teaching One Child at a Time
  15. Nicholas Negroponte: One Laptop Per Child

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