A while ago I talked about using SurveyMonkey in a number of ways in class, including creating assessments for students to take online. Another more popular way to do this is through the use of Google Forms, which makes data and feedback collection simple. In case you are unfamiliar with how to use Google Forms, here’s a great how-to video:

Now on to the main event of this post: Flubaroo! I recently came across this tool and was thrilled at how it might take HOURS off a nightly grading routine. Flubaroo is a free web-script that you can install, that essentially grades your Google Forms quizzes (multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank) for you. Along with checking each answer for correctness, Flubaroo gives you additional valuable information:

  • Average assignment score – how well did students do overall?
  • Average score per question – how well did students do on each question?
  • Grade distribution graph – visual of how well students did
  • Option to email students their individual grades along with an answer key
This demo by Flubaroo is a great, succinct 3-minute overview of how the tool works as well as how to use it. Check it out below, and then try it for free and let me know how much time it saved you!

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