Due to the popularity of my post Pinterest – Turning Procrastination into Classroom Preparation, I’ve decided to follow up with ways to use Pinterest with students. When using Pinterest, keep in mind that not all pins are safe and secure, and monitoring will be necessary to ensure students don’t stumble upon inappropriate content. Nonetheless, Pinterest provides some creative opportunities in the classroom, and could be a great method for instruction, collaboration, and classroom projects.

Here are 10 ways to use Pinterest with your students, including some example boards online:

  1. RESEARCH BOARDS – have students create boards for different classroom research topics/assignments where they can pin relevant articles, images and videos
  2. HISTORICAL FIGURES PRESENTATION – have students use a board as an online poster with pins to online content and images relating to a famous historical figure; then present them in class

  3. ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHY – have younger students create pins of all of their online references and add as a link to websites, presentations, or blogs in lieu of a formal works cited
  4. GROUP COLLABORATION – have students create a board that multiple users can post on (see how to do this here) and then use it for group collaboration or team projects
  5. CLASS BOARD – create one board for the class where students can post interesting articles, images, and videos they find at home relating to classwork
  6. COLLEGE PLANNING – have students research a college they plan on attending by using different boards for each college and pinning relevant information like mascots, dorm pictures, virtual tours, famous alumni, etc.

  7. DECADES BOARDS – have students research specific decades and create boards that visually reflect the important people, trends and culture of that time period

  8. CLASSROOM MUSIC BOARD – if you ever play music while students work or write, create a board where students can pin their favorite songs and artists so you can use their favorite music in class (remember to check to make sure their suggestions are language and theme appropriate first!)
  9. PROJECT SIGNUP BOARDS – have students visually signup for projects by posting a pin of an image with their name as the caption; for example, if you are assigning students to study individual countries, students would post a picture of their country with their name as a caption
  10. CLASS PARTY/EVENT PLANNING – if you are trying to divide up duties or food assignments for a class party, use a board to have students claim responsibility for individual items so everyone knows who is doing what; for example, one student might post a picture of pizza with their name as a caption to claim responsibility for bringing pizza while another posts a picture of balloons to signup for bringing balloons to the event

Hope these 10 ways can help you incorporate Pinterest into your classroom! If you have any other ideas, please post them so we can add to this list! Happy pinning all 🙂


29 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Pinterest in the Classroom

    1. Glad I could help! Pinterest really is becoming a fascinating new tool for the classroom, and the more resources on how to use it the better!

  1. Just coming to terms with Pintrest as a a teacher tool and had not fully comprehended the student implications… also thought that as a getting to know you task at the start of a year students could create an about them board with interests and the such.
    Many thanks

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