LOL of the Week

It's Sunday, which means grading and attempting to catch up on sleep for the entire week. What better day to enjoy a quick laugh? Happy Sunday all!


LOL of the Week

Started my second official week of teaching, and had to pull a student out into the hallway for a discussion about NOT taking frustrations out on computers... Maybe I need a digital gong in my classroom for management... Happy LOLs!

EdTech Resource Database eLearning Initiative

Currently, I am taking a class through Johns Hopkins University called Designing and Delivering eLearning Environments. Through the course, each student was asked to develop an eLearning initiative. I created a SlideRocket presentation of my initiative, which is a part of my work for New Horizons for Learning's EdTech Resource Database. If you are unfamiliar with … Continue reading EdTech Resource Database eLearning Initiative