Currently, I am taking a class through Johns Hopkins University called Designing and Delivering eLearning Environments. Through the course, each student was asked to develop an eLearning initiative. I created a SlideRocket presentation of my initiative, which is a part of my work for New Horizons for Learning’s EdTech Resource Database.

If you are unfamiliar with SlideRocket, don’t worry, I’ll go over the tool in detail in a post later this week. It was exciting to use, and helped me outline my initiative with audio, visuals and music.

Since I didn’t work at a school when I started the course, I created the initiative solely for the purpose of the course, rather than with intentions of using the initiative. However, as I have developed the program, I see more and more uses for it in a real-life setting at the database. I plan to pitch the online learning program I created to the other editors, and hopefully begin implementing the initiative over the summer.

The biggest concerns for implementing the initiative will be transitioning reviewers from using internet and email to communicate to using only the eLearning tool Coursekit to communicate. Hopefully, creating in-depth Coursekit tutorials will help combat this.

All in all, I am very excited to see this project to fruition. Thanks to the course, I have gained valuable insight into what it takes to run a effective, successful online course, and hope to use these elements in my initiative through New Horizons.

2 thoughts on “EdTech Resource Database eLearning Initiative

  1. Aditi,
    That’s great that you’re really going to see if you can implement the initiative you developed. It has a lot of merit. Best of luck!


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