Well, it’s been a wonderful, restful spring break. I haven’t done too much, just enjoyed the time off and played with my kittens. Of course, as usual, I procrastinated on grading and now find myself swamped with work. Nonetheless, I haven’t posted a new technology tool in a while, so I figured I’d get on and share a neat site I came across recently through Free Tech 4 Teachers.

Literature Map is simple, online tool that helps users find new authors. Simply type in the name of an author you enjoy reading, and then pops out a word cloud of similar authors.

The map is proportionate to similarities amongst writers. For example, in the image below (a search for Sylvia Plath), the closer authors are to Plath, the more similar their writing styles are:

This tool would be a great way to get students to explore new authors and compare and contrast writing styles. Keep this as a resource in your classroom for avid readers who are looking for new books, or for readers who have a hard time finding authors they like!


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