Magic Pen: A Physics Drawing Game

Check out Magic Pen and Magic Pen 2, physics-based drawing games inspired by Crayon Physics. The goal of the game is to guide the red object to the nearby flags by drawing shapes and dropping them. By using angles, levers, pins and sizes, students will utilize physics principles to attain victory. Check out some screenshots … Continue reading Magic Pen: A Physics Drawing Game


Voki: Create Speaking Avatars!

Voki is a FREE web application that allows users to create speaking avatars. Users can customize avatars by choosing from a number of options such as hair color, eye color, gender, background setting, and more. Characters themselves range from public figures and traditional human figures to animals and monsters. The customization features of Voki and … Continue reading Voki: Create Speaking Avatars!

Google Forms and 10 Classroom Applications

What is Google Forms? Google Forms is in essence a free survey software available to users as a larger part of Google Docs. With a Google account, users can easily create surveys, polls, and forms with a drag-and-drop interface. Question types include multiple choice, drop-down choices, short answer, rating scales, and more. Users can also … Continue reading Google Forms and 10 Classroom Applications

LOL of the Week

Here's a clever cartoon about the use of social networking to communicate with parents. I've heard a lot of fellow teachers now use things like blogs, email blasts, and even Twitter to keep in touch with parents. I personally love the idea of some of it, but I wouldn't want to remove all face-to-face interaction … Continue reading LOL of the Week