What is Google Forms?
Google Forms is in essence a free survey software available to users as a larger part of Google Docs. With a Google account, users can easily create surveys, polls, and forms with a drag-and-drop interface. Question types include multiple choice, drop-down choices, short answer, rating scales, and more. Users can also edit the visual interface of any forms by choosing from ninety-six different themes pre-created by Google.

Once forms are created, Google Forms allows users to publish their creations through email, embedding into a website, or through a direct hyperlink to the form. Privacy of the form can be controlled and limited to specific users, or be open to anyone with the hyperlink. Responses to Google Forms are saved in a spreadsheet format, and stored on Google’s online cloud for easy access from any computer.

Check out this adorable, animated video from the people at Google about Forms:

How can Google Forms be used in the classroom?

  1. Give beginning of the year surveys to get to know students
  2. Collect student feedback on the course and your teaching at the end of the year
  3. Collect contact information from parents
  4. Pre-test students before a new unit or lesson
  5. Give students a short quiz or test
  6. Have students sign up for topics on a project or assignment online
  7. Create a form for students to check out books from the classroom library – keep track of who has what book easily!
  8. Create an online reading log or reading record form for students to easily keep track of how much they are reading
  9. Have students develop research projects and use forms to collect data from peers, family, and community members
  10. Organize field trip data and payment information easily

Want even more information?
Check out this prezi I created as part of a group project in one of my graduate classes.


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