6 Fantastic Online Timers

As a teacher, I often found myself giving students countdowns in the classroom:

    •      -5 minutes of silent reading time!
    •      -10 minutes for the quiz!
    •      -2 minutes before we transition to the next activity!

In these situations, I often found myself using my cell phone or watch to time their activities, and wished I could more easily share the countdown on the overhead screen with them. That’s where online timers come in handy! Simply pull up the website on your computer and plug in the time, then project it so your students can keep track of their time on their own.

Check out these six websites for fantastic online timers:

  1. Online-Stopwatch – This website provides a large screen timer, which is great for projecting! It is easy to use and allows you to either count down time or use it as a stopwatch.
  2. Online Timer – This website provides a very simplistic, digital looking timer. You can adjust the background colors and size of the clock, but you can only set the timer in minute increments from a drag-down menu.
  3. Tick Tock Timer – This easy to use timer allows you to plug in the numbers for the time, and then start or clear your time. The clock itself is relatively small on the screen, but very easy to use!
  4. Egg Timer – This is probably my favorite timer! You simply put in the time in words (ex: 5 minutes, 4 minutes 30 seconds, etc.) and press go! The timer then takes up the ENTIRE screen, which I think is perfect for projecting time to students.
  5. iPad Online Countdown Timer – This website is perfect if you are sharing your iPad screen, but also works well on a laptop or computer. The timer itself is large on the screen, and you adjust the time by using +/- buttons.
  6. Timerland – This website provides a fun way to watch time pass! Farm animals will fill the screen as the clock runs, and the time is up when the entire farm is filled up with animals!

UPDATE 4/2/2013: Check out these 5 explosive classroom timers for even more countdown fun!

4 thoughts on “6 Fantastic Online Timers

  1. Here is another timer suggestion http://itimer.net Looks simple, but I found it very easy to use and does exactly what a timer supposed to, plus works on my mobile phone.

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