Today I was asked to research some tools for students to compile their writing samples online. While there are many products that provide digital portfolio services, I was interested in something simple, free, and fresh. That’s when I came across, an online tool that allows users to clip all of their writing work in one clean space.

Check out this video below for a brief introduction to

Basically, allows you to create a profile and link it to any of your existing social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Then, you can easily and quickly upload writing samples and clip online writing samples in one, organized space. Your profile can be customized to fit your personality, and you can add a brief biography to bolster your online presence.

To see it in action, check out freelance journalist Helen Crane’s profile. As you can see, her clippings are categorized and organized for a quick snapshot of her writing work. She has included published journalism pieces, reviews, blog posts, and even some of her student newspaper work.

For students who are interested in becoming writers, is a great tool to organize their writing samples. As they go forward in their writing careers, their profiles can easily be shared with potential employers and contacts in a clean, comprehensive manner. Educators can also use this in the classroom as a way for students to keep track of writing throughout the year or even throughout their academic career!

Find out more by signing up for a free profile or explore the profile directory for inspiration!

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