Man on the Moon: 3 Slideshows Honoring Neil Armstrong

Want to share the life of the great astronaut with your students? Travel back in time with these three photo slideshows from reputable news sources. Wall Street Journal New York Times USA Today


I Shot the Serif: Having Fun With Typography

Check out I Shot the Serif, a fantastic game that tests students on their knowledge of basic typography terms: serif and sans serif. In this fast-paced, point-and-shoot style game, students must correctly "shoot" all of the serif letters without shooting the sans serif letters. There are three different levels of difficulty: junior, middle-weight, and senior. … Continue reading I Shot the Serif: Having Fun With Typography

LOL of the Week

Happy Monday y'all! I don't teach online myself, but when I saw this I couldn't help but empathize. How many of you are online instructors? I would imagine online instructors are even more overwhelmed by emails than face-to-face teachers, which sounds impossible!

LOL of the Week

All week I have been seeing students hooked to their phones! In the halls, during lunch, in their backpacks during class - they are everywhere. While I do believe that cell phones can be powerful educational tools if used correctly, it is interesting to think about how much the cell phone becomes a crutch for … Continue reading LOL of the Week

Tag Galaxy

It's my off period, and of course, instead of prepping for my class I decided to search for things to share with you! I wasn't planning on posting right away, but when I found Tag Galaxy I had to post RIGHT AWAY! It's true, I still get a little overly excited about things like this, it's the inner … Continue reading Tag Galaxy

LOL of the Week

Found this cartoon online, and HAD to share. I'm curious, how many of your students write in cursive? Or are capable of writing in cursive? I myself barely use it anymore, and mostly either type or write in print. Nonetheless, I think cursive can truly be an art form, and I wish I used it … Continue reading LOL of the Week