Found this cartoon online, and HAD to share. I’m curious, how many of your students write in cursive? Or are capable of writing in cursive? I myself barely use it anymore, and mostly either type or write in print. Nonetheless, I think cursive can truly be an art form, and I wish I used it more.

What do you think? Should cursive still be taught to digital natives?


4 thoughts on “LOL of the Week

  1. Yes, it should be taught. It would be nice to be able to read the original documents of history generated by our forefathers … but I must say my students and my sons suffer miserably when they are tested in essay form via the pencil/pen. It is faster for my sons to print rather than write in cursive. They focus with their tongues out of their mouths even when they have to write their signature. In speed testing, as required in college blue book format or on the SAT/ACT/AP exams it is a real issue that they don’t write well in cursive AND cannot type their responses.

    Add to this reading an analog clock or watch. I have high school students who cannot tell me the time unless it is expressed in digital numbers. Roman numerals? Forget it. Gone the way of Latin.

    1. Interesting point about testing! I myself have found that cursive allows me to write faster because I don’t have to pick up my pencil from the paper as much, but that’s also because I have had much more practice with it. I could see how digital natives would find cursive impractical for fast-paced writing situations.

  2. Well, I am really interested in the outcome of this issue. I am left-handed and have printed my way through college and 25 years of teaching primary students. When I did have to teach script Handwriting Without Tears saved my students and me…

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