It’s my off period, and of course, instead of prepping for my class I decided to search for things to share with you! I wasn’t planning on posting right away, but when I found Tag Galaxy I had to post RIGHT AWAY! It’s true, I still get a little overly excited about things like this, it’s the inner nerd in me.

This is just plain fun – a great interactive Flickr visualization of tags. Folksonomy to a whole new visual level! Essentially, you enter a tag (I put in “education”) and it pops out tag “planets” that contain dozens of related Flickr images. Check out some screenshots below:

This would be great when searching for images for a project – simply enter the topic, and find tons of related, high-quality images!


2 thoughts on “Tag Galaxy

  1. This is an amazing resource! I’m wondering – would students be able to use the images? (copy/paste to powerpoints?)

    1. Great question Jennifer! Since the site is powered by Flickr, it depends on the individual image. Some are restricted for viewing only, while others can be used freely with credit to the photographer/user.

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