As part of my role as technology resource specialist, I spend a lot of time researching tools that will serve specific teachers at my school. I began with the teacher closest in proximity to my own office: the choir/a cappella teacher. As I was researching new and exciting resources, I came across a fun music tool with a fun name: Incredibox!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Drag – pick an effect like beatbox, melodies, chorus, etc.
  2. Drop – drop an effect onto a person in your chorus
  3. Listen – Listen to your creation!

You can also record and share your creations! Right now you can share the link via email or Facebook, but very soon you will be able to embed the songs into webpages and blogs.

My coworker had fun playing with the tool and thought it would be a fun thing to introduce to his music students. I myself spent about 45 minutes playing with the tool, just creating my own masterpieces – here’s one of them! Check out some screenshots below and have fun creating your own! If you do make a song, please share the link below 🙂


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