LOL of the Week

Well, it's almost the end of another week, and time for another educational technology cartoon!  This cartoon perfectly sums up the change I am hearing about across the web - replacing textbooks with iPads and other eReader devices! What does this look like in your school? Do you support the idea of replacing books with … Continue reading LOL of the Week


Learn Prezi in 30 Minutes

PREREQUISITES: Before starting this module, you will need the following: A teacher licensed Prezi account (this can be created here with your school email address, or if you do not have a school email address, you can read more about an alternate way to get an EDU email here). A computer with speakers (or a headset) and a good internet connection (you can check your internet speed here - … Continue reading Learn Prezi in 30 Minutes

Blabberize and 10 Classroom Applications

Blabberize is a fun, free web 2.0 tool that allows you to quickly and painlessly create talking photos. Simply upload a photo of your choice, select the photo's mouth or jaw, and record your audio. Instantly, Blabberize will compile those elements together and you'll get something like this. Other features include: Importing prerecorded audio Adding … Continue reading Blabberize and 10 Classroom Applications