Before starting this module, you will need the following:

  1. A teacher licensed Prezi account (this can be created here with your school email address, or if you do not have a school email address, you can read more about an alternate way to get an EDU email here).
  2. computer with speakers (or a headset) and a good internet connection (you can check your internet speed here – a download speed of less than 8mbps might cause lagging during this module).
  3. computer that meets Prezi hardware requirements (you can check the requirements here).

Read the summary below, and watch the Introduction to Prezi video by the creators of Prezi.

Prezi is an online, flash-based presentation editor. It allows users to take the functionality of traditional presentation creators like Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, and add an element of movement. Prezi works in a nonlinear format, and has zooming capabilities to allow for total freedom in the path of the presentation. While it is web-based, meaning an internet connection must exist to create presentations, finished presentations can be exported, allowing offline viewing and presenting. Since Prezi is web-based, presentations require internet access to be created, but can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Watch the Getting Started Tutorial video by the creators of Prezi and follow along/make additional notes in this resource handout from Princeton University.

Explore some of the prezi examples below.

Before you set off creating your own Prezi, let’s take a look at some examples of educators using Prezi in their classrooms today. Since Prezi is in essence a presentation tool that goes above and beyond the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, it can be used in any situation where you would normally use a slideshow, including:

Follow the instructions below to demonstrate your mastery of this Prezi professional development module.

Begin creation of a Prezi that you could use in your classroom (see classroom examples for ideas for implementation) that includes:

  • At least three pieces of rotated text
  • At least one picture
  • At least one embedded video

Post a link to this Prezi as a comment below along with an explanation of how you would use the completed Prezi in your classroom. Be sure to include your full name, and the grade level and subject area you teach in the comment.

To go beyond a basic understanding of the Prezi, watch the following videos.

After learning the basics of using Prezi, one can begin to explore how to group and layer objects within the Prezi to further organize the path of a presentation, as detailed in the video below:

After creating a Prezi, there are a number of options for sharing the finished product, including email, Twitter, Facebook and more. The video below demonstrates how to go about sharing finished Prezis:

Check the links below for troubleshooting help or general Prezi support:

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