I am VERY excited to share ScreenLeap with you! Out of all the screen-sharing options I have seen online, this is by far the easiest.

To Share Your Screen:

  1. Click the share button.
    click share screen button
  2. Click the “Run” button.
    grant permission to run applet
  3. Share with viewer.
    Send share link to friend

To View a Screen Share:

  1. Enter the share code.
    ente share code
  2. Click “Join a screen”.
    join a screen share
  3. Start viewing!
    view shared screen

Plus, the interface for sharing your screen is very easy-to-use:

stop sharing button

Pause your screen, stop your screen-share, and adjust how much of your screen you want to share with the touch of a button!

It’s that easy! No downloads, installations or sign-ups needed – which makes this tool especially useful in classroom settings because it protects student identity and doesn’t require a lot of planned setup. Share your screen with students when giving them tutorials, or collaborate with other instructors by modeling how to use software/tech tools.

Happy screen-sharing, folks!

2 thoughts on “ScreenLeap: One-Click Screen Sharing!

    1. ScreenLeap could be used to monitor students internet usage (ask them to share their screens as they work), but there is no way to block unwanted content directly through ScreenLeap.

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