Mind maps can be very useful tools for organizing thoughts, brainstorming, and visually referencing outlines. However, my own personal problem with mind maps is that they are often lengthy endeavors, and my perfectionist tendencies often make them take hours upon hours. Text2MindMap is attempting to change all that.

It’s simple – input your text in outline format, push a button, and out pops the finished mind map!

For example, here is an outline of the months of the year by season:

Once the outline is completed, simply press “Draw Mind Map” and voila, your mind map is ready:

You can also adjust your preferences for the mind map, such as the color of the nodes and lines, the fonts, and the size of all pieces of the map.

There you have it, the simplest mind map tool I have yet to see. Use it in your classroom when writing papers, organizing ideas, or even just visualizing outlines!

Happy mind mapping y’all!


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