Currently I am teaching a Graphic Design elective, where we discuss basic design principles and then apply them to real-world projects. Recently we did a unit on typography, and I was thrilled to find a wealth of online games that focus on typography concepts. These games really helped students understand the sometimes dry, confusing typography concepts, so I thought I would share them with you!

KernType is a game that tests students on the concept of kerning, or adjusting the space between letters.



The Font Game asks players to identify individual fonts, and is also available as an app.



RagTime asks players to take badly ragged texts and adjust the line breaks to fix them.



TypeConnection is a typographic dating game, that asks players to match up fonts that work well together.



ShapeType, made by the same people as KernType, is a game that asks players to drag character outlines until they create a perfectly shaped letter. This game is a little more challenging than the others, and requires  great attention to detail.




I Shot The Serif is a game where players must identify and “shoot” all of the serif letters and characters that appear on the screen, while avoiding shooting the sans-serif characters. Read more about this game in my recent post.


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