Lately, every second person has their own website. Whether its to advertise their budding business or to describe their favorite hobbies, websites are a fantastic way to share and present information online. For teachers, websites provide an easy way to communicate with parents and the community about whats going on in the classroom. For students, websites can be an fun and exciting way to present information for a project or portfolio. However, quite often students and teachers are intimidated by the idea of creating a website, thinking it to be too difficult or complicated.

Well, no more! Thanks to the influx of new web 2.0 tools, there are lots of ways to create a website without learning a new code language or spending hours formatting layouts.

Check out the five website building options below to get started on your own website:

WIX Wix is a great, drag-and-drop website builder. You can edit and customize everything, and choose from hundreds of prebuilt templates. Wix also creates versions of your website for mobile phones, allowing for easy access from multiple devices.
Weebly, similarly to Wix, includes a drag-and-drop interface, a theme   gallery, and mobile websites.
Yola is similar to Weebly and Wix, and provides the same customization features, drag-and-drop interface, and mobile phone capabilities.
Google’s version of a website creator has a limited amount of themes and customization.It is a more simple creation tool that might be better for less tech-savvy students/teachers.
A Google Sites competitor, Zoho Sites has drag-and-drop customization features and automatic mobile device capabilities for websites.

2 thoughts on “5 Great Website Builders for the Classroom

  1. Hello,
    Wanted to add that I used to build my website. Loved it because its the only website builder I found that doesn’t use templates but creates a unique website especially for you. I made a very good website easily and quickly.. you can try it for free 🙂

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