5 Resources for Teaching Hurricane Sandy

Everyone is talking about it. Whether they are calling it Sandy, Perfect Storm, Superstorm or Frankenstorm, it is the biggest thing on the news right now. Looking for a way to bring in this current event into your classroom? Check out these 5 resources:

  1. Associated Press Superstorm interactive
  2. Google’s Superstorm Sandy crisis map
  3. New York Times’ full coverage tracking the storm
  4. The Atlantic’s article, “Why Sandy Has Meteorologists Scared”
  5. Wall Street Journal’s interactive comparing Sandy to Irene

My thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the hurricane.

2 thoughts on “5 Resources for Teaching Hurricane Sandy

  1. I liked this article

    Asking kids to reflect:
    Questions: Prior to reading: How would you define a hero? Who would you call a hero in your life? Why?
    What other times can you think of “when the best really does come out in people in times of need?”
    The author of this article is a senior in college who writes for the University of Illinois independent student newspaper. What is her opinion? How would you describe the author based on her writing?
    Why is it so important for people to read this article about Hurricane Sandy?

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! This article is good food for thought, and would definitely work well in the classroom.

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