Catering to Multiple Intelligences with Technology

Recently, a colleague and I made a presentation to the faculty about catering to students’ multiple intelligences by using technology. For those of you unfamiliar with multiple intelligences, it is a theory developed by Howard Gardner that details seven different strengths, or intelligences:

According to Gardner, and well accepted by most educational researchers, each individual has certain strengths or intelligences. As educators, by providing students opportunities to exercise these strengths, we can better individualize their learning and promote their success. These opportunities can be made more plentiful through the use of technology.

In order to clarify this and provide our faculty with easy options for tech integration, I created a comprehensive guide to technology and multiple intelligences. In the guide you will see each intelligence explained, followed by a list of technology tools that caters to that intelligence. Each technology is then linked to its source as well as briefly described.

Check it out for yourself below:

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