Recently, Google added a new feature to Docs known as the Research tool, which makes it easy to add information from the web directly into your documents and presentations. You can access the tool under the Tools menu, or by right-clicking on a word in your document and selecting Research.

Once you have the tool turned on, you will see a Research panel on the right-hand side of your screen. Here, you can conduct a Google-powered search for information relevant to your presentation such as:

  • Websites, which can be linked and cited in the footnotes with the click of a button
  • Images, which can be dragged into documents and are automatically cited in the footnotes
  • Quotations, which can be dragged into documents, linked to the original source and cited in the footnotes
  • Articles from Google Scholar, which can be opened as PDFs or on the web, linked within the document and cited in the footnotes
  • Map images, which can be dragged into documents
  • Personal results, or results from your Google Drive, which can be imported, linked and cited

In addition, you can set the format for your citations between MLA, APA or Chicago by changing the Settings within the Research tool.

This tool has amazing possibilities for student work, as it will speed up the process of research by reducing the need to open new windows and tabs on the internet. Plus, the automatic citation generator within the Research tool will make the process of asking students to be diligent about citations a no-brainer!



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