A while ago I had shared with you information about Dabbleboard, an online whiteboard collaboration platform. Recently, I found out that Dabbleboard is no more! The loss of this simple, easy-to-use platform is sad, as it seemed to be one of the few online collaboration tools that was pain-free and setup-free. On my hunt to find a replacement tool, I came across, Twiddla – which I am happy to say goes leaps and bounds beyond Dabbleboard.

Twiddla is a no-signup required, easy-to-use online meeting platform. Simply create a room, invite users, and begin collaborating! Or, just share the link with friends and even setup a password for privacy.
Within the room itself, you can share websites, graphics or documents. Plus, you can easily bring up a typepad to write collaboratively or a canvas to draw collaboratively. All of this is done simply by maneuvering through this basic toolbar:
There is also a chat feature within each meeting room, which allows users to talk via text or audio while collaborating online. These dialogues can then be printed into PDFs, and the screen annotation can be easily converted to downloadable screenshots.
All in all, Twiddla has a variety of features and options that makes online meetings and collaboration a breeze. No sign-ups, no downloads, and no firewalls – just click and share to begin! This tool is great for all kinds of educational collaboration, such as group projects, after-school tutorials, and professional development sessions.
Happy twiddling all!

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