With the rise of social media, more and more teachers engage their students online with projects and assignments. Increasingly, I have seen fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter where students are posting on behalf of a literary character or historical figure. While these platforms are wonderful bases for project-based learning, the public social media realm is not always the safest. Teachers do have to worry about student privacy issues and teaching digital citizenship to protect student information. Sometimes, these worries can be enough to deter teachers from using social media altogether!

Thanks to ClassTools, you can engage your students in the creation of fake Facebook profiles without actually using the social media:

ClassTools has developed a program called Fakebook that allows users to easily and quickly create fake Facebook profiles. It is simple, free, and easy-to-use! Simply plug in information, pictures, friends, and biography data, and then publish with the click of a button. You can also embed the profile into any webpage and download it for offline sharing.

For more information take a look at these great examples, and check out the screenshot below of an example Fakebook profile for Brigham Young:


How might you use this in the classroom, you ask? Have students create “Fakebook” profiles for important characters they are studying, such as literary characters or historical figures. You could also ask students to create profiles for themselves in 10 years, and ask them to consider who they want to be at that point, and how their social media profiles might reflect that.

Happy faking, y’all!


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