It’s that time of year again, when classes start to wrap up and students start stressing out about finals. Most of the teachers I know engage in some sort of review to prepare students for their final, usually in the form of a packet of questions or a sample exam. To make reviewing more fun, some teachers create quiz-bowl type games to have students review material and to gauge how well students are preparing. Many of these games are made easier through the use of technology.

Here are 10 fun review games you can play with your students this semester. Thanks to technology, all of these can be customized to your class, so you can edit questions and adjust scoring for your learners. Plus, most of them are as simple as plugging in questions and answer choices and pressing Go!

  1. Flash Jeopardy – flash Jeopardy-style review game that you can download or play online and includes an option to keep score for multiple teams, a timer, and a final Jeopardy question
  2. Flash Millionaire – flash Who Wants to be a Millionaire review game that you can download or play online with 3 lifelines
  3. Bingo – create multiple, randomized bingo cards by inputting text options
  4. Battleship – a downloadable Battleship-style review game for Promethean or Smartboard
  5. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? – downloadable PowerPoint template based on the popular TV show
  6. Space Race – race between two teams where students respond to questions via mobile devices
  7. Scatter – online game where players must drag words to their corresponding images or definitions until all terms disappear (example)
  8. Vocabulary Space Race – online game where players must define terms before they move across the screen (example)

2 thoughts on “8 Review Games You Can Customize For Your Class!

  1. We actually learned to used these techniques in one of my teaching classes. It is a lot of work to first set up the game, but after a few times of doing them…they are so rewarding.

    1. Most educational technology is that way – a learning curve to get the first one going but definitely worth the work!

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