While reading Michelle’s blog, Old Dog, New Tricks, I came across this infographic by Daniel Grafton that details the pros and cons of the flipped classroom. It is a fantastic summary of what supporters and opposers are saying about the flipped classroom, and would be a nice way to introduce the subject to faculty members who are unaware of the model.

Check it out below and let me know what you think about the flipped model!


5 thoughts on “The Fuss Over Flipped Classrooms

  1. A colleague of mine is considering doing this for her math class. I think it would be very beneficial for a math class where a lot of notes and lecture are required. I teach English, and I don’t know if it would be as beneficial.

    1. It might be better suited for grammar lessons that are more objective than subjective literature classes.

    1. I think that flipped lessons can have a great impact, but should be used in moderation, not as a replacement for in-class teacher-based instruction. What about you Eric?

      1. I definitely agree. Balance is the ideal here. To what degree can depend on the subject and students I think. In-class teacher-led instruction is vital too, especially for some classes. From setting the stage for a chemistry lab to leading a challenging political discussion, teachers know their students best. Also When teachers explain a concept or teach a lesson in class, order and sequence of information are assured, students find commonality and they can do a sort of mental check and feel encouraged to move forward. As a teacher I like to at least start each class session by reviewing and re-establishing our theme or direction. Then, the independent work can begin. Your infographic really summed it all up though 🙂

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