You are definitely WINNINGAmy Meyer recently posted a story on her blog about an Instructional Technologist who observed a teacher. In the story, the IT praised the teacher for a fantastic lesson, and the teacher responded with, “I know, but don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to steal my lesson, then everyone will be doing it.”

The IT person was stunned, as am I. As Amy Meyer points out on her blog, sharing lessons, ideas, and plans is a key part of educational success. I completely agree with her! As an Instructional Technologist myself, when I see fantastic lessons or great uses of technology in the classroom, the first thing I do is share it with the rest of the faculty. As an organization, and as educators, it is vital that we learn from each other’s successes and failures.

Amy says it best: “Sharing, being copied, or whatever you want to call it is WINNING in education! Be a winner today; share something.”


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