Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 3.12.49 PMCheck out Bubblr, a simple, easy-to-use online tool that creates comic strips from Flickr images. Just search for a “tag” to find an image, select it, and then add bubbles and text. Bubbles are dragged and dropped onto images, and then can be adjusted for size and length.

You can also easily add more frames to your strips to extend the story. For each of these frames, you an either reuse your first image, or search for more on Flickr. Once finished, just click Publish to save the work and email to friends!

By using only Creative Commons images, Bubblr ensures that all comic strips are in keeping with copyrights, so all of your student’s projects will be plagiarism free! This is a great time to give them a quick lesson on how to use images correctly and cite sources.

Want more ways to create comic strips with your students? Check out these 5 online comic creators!


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