13 Tech Tools for Verbal/Linguistic Learners
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13 Tech Tools for Verbal/Linguistic Learners

At the end of last year I created a list of technology tools aligned with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Because that list was overwhelmingly overloaded with info, I’m breaking it down by intelligence. I’ve already posted tools for visual/spatial learners and tools for musical learners, and today I’m sharing technology tools for verbal/linguistic learners. For those of … Continue reading

Classroom Management

Doctopus: Easy Classroom Management of Google Docs

“How can teachers harness all the awesomeness, ubiquitous access, and collaborative authoring power made possible by Google Docs without creating a document management nightmare?” That is question Andrew Stillman posed, and then answered with his script, Doctopus. Doctopus allows teachers to auto-generate copies of template documents for individual students, small groups and whole classes. The … Continue reading