Book report project assignment: read a book, summarize the book’s plot and major themes, write a paper, and present it to your classmates. Rinse and repeat.

Traditional book reports have been a staple of English classrooms for years. They can be valuable ways of assessing student skills like summarizing and synthesis. In fact, a book report was my first homework assignment in America when I moved here in the third grade. Of course, after years of the same assignment, the novelty quickly wore off and I started dreading the review process. So, now that I find myself in the position of assigning book reports, I figured it would be worthwhile to investigate other options. Thanks to technology, there are lots of alternatives!

Check out these 12 alternatives to the traditional book report:

  1. Create a movie trailer for the book using Animoto
  2. Depict an alternate ending for the book using Xtranormal
  3. Create a word cloud featuring important themes and motifs in the novel using Wordle
  4. Create a comic strip summary of the novel using Pixton
  5. Create a playlist for the novel using Grooveshark and explain the song choices
  6. Create a 3D model of an important building or location in the novel using Google Sketchup
  7. Create a web diagram of character relationships using Text2MindMap
  8. Create a fake Facebook profile for one of the main characters using Fakebook
  9. Create a Pinterest board summary for the novel and pin relevant images, links and videos
  10. Create and post to a blog in the persona of one of the main characters using Blogger
  11. Create trading cards for main characters using ReadWriteThink’s Trading Card Generator
  12. Create a fake text message conversation between the main characters using iFakeText

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