Feed Your Brain MusicIf you missed it earlier, I created a list of technology tools aligned with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Because that list was overwhelmingly overloaded with info, I’m breaking it down by intelligence. Earlier this week I posted 17 tools for visual/spatial learners, and today, I’m sharing with you fantastic tech tools for musical learners.

For those of you who are new to multiple intelligences, musical learners have a strong ability to think musically, and to hear, recognize and manipulate patterns. I for one am certainly not musically intelligent, but teach many students who are inclined this way. So here are 8 tools to use when designing projects and content for the musical learners in your classroom:


Publish podcasts online


Upload music/recordings and generate discussion around these clips through comments


Generate discussion online around images, slides and video using 3 forms of feedback (audio, video & text)


Edit and record audio files


Create songs by recording audio, play instruments through the computer, mixing beats and editing tracks


Create a blog of audio posts powered by Spotify and SoundCloud


Collaborate on tracks to create songs socially


Create songs online by mixing beats, recording audio and editing tracks

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