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As you probably know, February is Black History Month. I encourage all of you to take this month as an opportunity to educate your students on the struggles and successes of African-Americans throughout history. As you put together lessons plans, check out these 8 amazing websites for valuable information:

  1. History Channel
    Compilation of videos, articles, and quizzes featuring key events and famous African-Americans
    Videos, photos, timelines and study guides featuring important African-American figures
  3. Time For Kids
    Student-centered, kid-friendly articles and activities
  4. Huffington Post
    Photos, videos and historical news articles featuring important events
  5. BrainPop
    Activities, games, quizzes and animated videos for students
  6. Edsitement
    Teacher resources organized by theme and topic
  7. NBC News
    100+ Civil Rights videos
  8. National Geographic
    Interactive timeline from the Civil War to Civil Rights featuring artist sketches

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