Cyber safety is a big topic of discussion at my school right now, and in an effort to put some parents at ease a colleague and I presented to parents the variety of privacy options available to their students. In an effort to move past theoretical discussions into the nitty-gritty of social media, we presented step-by-step screenshots of major platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and iOS.  Our main principle behind the presentation, as shown on the first slide, is that you cannot control something you do not understand. Thus, we focused on educating parents on the platforms so that when they have discussions with their students about privacy and cyber-safety, they themselves are well-versed in the tools.

The presentation was very well received and parents appreciated a technical overview of tools that they are not entirely familiar with themselves. So, I thought I would share the presentation with all of you! Check out the slideshow we used below, and feel free to use it in your own classrooms, schools, and even at home with your children.

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