I tried this idea when I first started the blog – but wasn’t dedicated enough at the time to see it through. So here goes again…

Since there are so many wonderful apps to choose from for educators, I thought it would be a good idea to feature a new app each week on the blog. I’m sticking to free apps, because as a new teacher my budget is tight, and I know that as an educator, budgets only get tighter.

Let’s start back up with an app that I use all the time: Mobile MouseMobile Mouse an amazing resource, and one that I definitely recommend.

What is Mobile Mouse?
Mobile Mouse is exactly what it sounds like: an application that allows your mouse to go mobile, and no longer be tied by USB to your laptop or computer. In other words, the app turns your smartphone into a wireless mouse!

How does it work?
It’s simple, just download the free app on your smartphone, and download the matching counterpart on your computer. Then sync them up and start going mobile! The requirements are simple: Mac OSX Leopard/Snow Leopard or Windows XP/Vista/7. Also, you will need a wifi connection for both your computer and smartphone device. More details about set-up can be found here.

What are the features?
There is a LITE (free) version as well as  PRO (paid) version. The free version is more than enough for most, but the paid version has added functionality like a file manager and presentation viewer. A detailed list of features of both versions can be seen on the app store, but the main features are a touch-screen mouse and keyboard.

Here’s a couple of screenshots to get a better idea of the app:


Why should I get it?
Simply because… you are mobile! Think about it: you no longer are tied to your computer during class. You can walk around, monitor students, interact with small groups, and still advance your presentations from your phone.

Check it out, and let me know how Mobile Mouse works in your classroom! 🙂 


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